Theme Review Services

Update 27th of august 2020:
I’m currently not accepting review work, since I am busy contributing to the development of the default theme and the release of WordPress 5.6.

I offer a theme review service for theme shops and theme authors who wants to prepare their themes for the theme directory.

The following packages are available:

  • License only
  • Standard review
  • Accessibility-ready review
  • Review and fixes

Licensing is the most difficult part for many theme authors.
I will create a list of resources that are currently included in the theme.
The list will contain all the informationen needed for the review.
-If there are resources included that violates the theme review requirements, then I will suggest alternatives.

Standard review:

This package includes tests against all theme requirements* including but not limited to:

  • License check to see if the theme is 100% GPL ready.
  • Testing of the theme options.
  • Code review, including security: Both via plugins and manual testing.
  • Testing if the theme is translation ready.

The resulting report is presented in .txt format plus images, depending on which format you prefer, and includes descriptions of issues with file names, line numbers, references and examples.

*Excluding the accessibility-ready tag.

Accessibility-ready review:

-This review does not include a code review or testing other than what are required by the accessibility-ready requirements.

I only do accessibility-ready reviews for authors who are willing to learn and actually make the required accessibility changes, hence the higher price.No additional fee for follow ups.

Review and fixes

I will review your theme and fix all issues that I find. For this package, I need you to be available to answer questions to make sure that the fixes are in line with your vision of the theme.

Prize depending on size and complexity.

This does not mean that you are paying for your theme to be included in the theme directory. But it can save you time, since your review will go faster when there are less problems. If you purchase a review from me, I will not be able to set your theme live.

Payments are processed securely via Paypal.

Delivery time may vary depending on my current project workload 🙂 -Please email me.