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It has now been a whole week since Anders Norén introduced the new default theme.

The Twenty Twenty theme single post

And I’m helping!
As a representative for the Theme Review team, I’m here to help contributors follow the theme guidelines, and make sure that are no major requirement breaches, such as licensing problems.

Our first week has contained meetings, discussions regarding build tools, coding standards, accessibility, fonts and JS.

This is the first time I participate in a project like this, and I am excited, humbled, overwhelmed and honored, and I am already learning a lot.

Finding time to work together has been a little difficult this week, which is not surprising considering this time frame. I still feel that we have made progress with the theme.

When we started developing the theme, we did not start from scratch, but with the Chaplin theme by Anders. The version that we started with was a shell that had many of the extra options removed.

Because Chaplin had already been approved by the Theme Review team, we knew that the theme followed the theme requirements.
We also knew that the structure needed to change to match the vision for Twenty Twenty, and that the accessibility needed to be improved.

We had many contributors show up to help with the theme, we made some big changes and many smaller changes to get closer to the look and functionality that Anders have envisioned.

Personally, I have struggled with improving my Git and Github skills, but the members of the Theme Review Team, especially William Patton and Denis Žoljom have been incredibly helpful and positive.
I am thrilled that so many members of the Theme Review team has already contributed by opening issues, giving comments and advice, and pull requests.

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