Mardi Gras

A white theme with a large header with a gradient background. The site title is curved and the post titles use a playful font.

Mardi Gras is a fun, colorful blog and event theme that was originally designed for the carnival season.

The theme is mobile friendly (responsive) and also supports the new block editor with wide and full width blocks.

It is flexible and easy to set up, with documentation and instructions already present on the help page inside the WordPress Admin area.

The Setup Help page int he admin area includes setup instructions, presentation of the options, and buttons that takes you directly to the option in the customizer.


The default colors of the theme are the traditional New Orleans Mardi Gras colors: Green, purple and yellow. It also sports a Fleur De Lis icon as a decoration, which you can change in the theme options.

The theme has a large header with a curved text and a gradient background. You can mix any two colors for the gradient, and select which pages to show the header on. You can also change the curve, the color and the fonts for the text in the header.

The theme has four widget areas and two menus, including a social menu.
By default, your blog posts are displayed in a 3 column grid, but you can adjust the number of columns in the customizer.