New demo for Billie

I finally created a better theme information page and demo for my theme Billie. Billie is a beautiful accessible WordPress theme. It can be used for any type of website, but is designed for blogs and portfolios. The theme has two option menus, including a social menu, several different widget panels, and a footer… Continue reading New demo for Billie

All 72 themes by Catch Themes are now translated into Swedish

I want to thank Catch Themes for giving me the opportunity to translate their free WordPress themes from English to Swedish. This is a large addition that will benefit the Swedish WordPress users. If you are considering purchasing translations for your product, please email me.

Twenty Twenty week two

After a dissapointing doctors appointment on monday and an important work meeting on tuesday afternoon, I had to sleep 12 hours and missed a lot of the fun. Luckily, Ian has been able to spend more time on the theme this week. The JavaScript for the menu has been added, but it is not yet… Continue reading Twenty Twenty week two

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Twenty Twenty Awesomeness

It has now been a whole week since Anders Norén introduced the new default theme. And I’m helping!As a representative for the Theme Review team, I’m here to help contributors follow the theme guidelines, and make sure that are no major requirement breaches, such as licensing problems. Our first week has contained meetings, discussions regarding… Continue reading Twenty Twenty Awesomeness

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My first custom block plugin

Well, my first ever plugin to be submitted to actually 🙂 . Last Christmas, I added a custom, static image block with Christmas decorations to my theme Christmas Sweets. This was the first theme in the directory to include blocks for the new block editor. Later, the Theme Review Team on decided that… Continue reading My first custom block plugin